SEO Expert in Chennai

Want higher rankings on Google? No problem.

I help entrepreneurs and businesses to develop and implement online strategies so they can grow organic and paid traffic.

Chennai SEO Expert

When looking for an SEO Expert to help with your website you most likely end up finding a self claimed SEO specialist that will tweak your content and meta titles or increase your rankings by a minimal amount.

Instead, you should look into technical SEO and find an SEO specialist that has experience with the most important SEO factors of 2020.

SEO Specialist Chennai

Website Visibility
Keyword Research / Content Topics
Competitor Analysis
Backlink Evaluation
Internal Linking Recommendations
User Experience Recommendations
On-Page Optimizations
Technical SEO fixes

  • manually analyze & review your onsite+offsite Google ranking factors
  • manually compile reports & long-term plans telling what to fix/optimize   to improve rank & avoid penalties, including SEO health & progress reports

I will review your YouTube channel to help you increase subscribers and views

In Depth Channel Review:

  • I will Review your Channel Name, Description, Profile Photo, Channel Art, Thumbnails Playlists, Video Structure, Video Description, Comments and so much MORE!
  • I will screen record your channel, and tell you all the improvements you need to make to boost Subscribers and Gain Views, give your channel a professional look and if you are not using any features I will let you know all of these and show you how to set them up. 
  • How to start your videos to catch the Audience’s awareness 
  • Should you have a intro and if so how long
  • Watermark, Branding
  • Tell you best way to Order Playlists to increase Watch Time
  • How to get people to watch more of your content using Endscreens and Cards 
  • How to use Description & Comments to increase views
  • how to increase Audience Retention