SEO Strategy

SEO strategies are all concerted on making your website rank #1 in Google’s ranking. It’s a bit tough; to leave something out of the list, but the answer to your question is here.

On Page SEO:

On-Page SEO is very much main for any business whether it is a small business or large scale business. On -Page Factors which are important :

  1. Content is king of Google so beware of duplicate content, check twice before you post the content on your web page.
  • URL Optimization : URL Structure is another factor which should keep in mind while doing SEO of any website. Please follow google norms while updating URL’s
  • Heading Tags : Another part you should keep in mind is Heading Tags , which are most necessary part of content while optimizing. Read how to optimize Heading Tags on tutorial point.
  • Sitemap/Robots File : Check if you have integrated both the files with your business website.
  • Image Optimization : Check all ALT Tags before you post images on the website.

Keyword Research:

Keyword research is when people use keywords to find and research actual search terms that people enter into search engines. The knowledge about these actual search terms can help inform content strategy or marketing strategy overall.


  1. URL
  2. Meta description
  3. In headings
  4. As link anchor text when possible
  5. In the alt text, file names, and titles of images
  6. In the page title
  7. Create Quality Content More Frequently

Meta Content Page title: Each title needs to be unique and no longer than 60-80 characters .optimize titles is by including relevant keywords.

Description: Each description needs to be unique and no longer than 120 characters

Image Optimization:

The Alt tag is the most important image optimization factor. search engines are text-based, they cannot read images and videos.

Optimizing URLs for SEO:

  1. All lowercase, separated by hyphens (-)
  2. Short, relevant and descriptive of the content
  3. www vs non-www redirecting properly
  4. URL without the / at the end redirecting to version with / (or vice versa)
  5. Proper usage of http:// and https://

Page load time:

Websites that load quickly have better engagement and conversation rates.

Internal linking:

Internal linking is a key SEO tactic for publishers. With right internal linking strategy your pages will rank higher.

Optimize Your pages for Mobile:

Optimizing your website for mobile devices will not only prove to be beneficial to your marketing goals but can also help your customer’s making business decisions efficiently. Just remember that it doesn’t mean responsive design for your website.  

Off  page:

Off Page SEO there is very vast methods in it. There are many methods on the Off Page SEO. In the Off Page SEO you deal with the quality links. The new update by Google seeks for the quality links rather than the quantity. There are many processes for building the links. 

Ways to Get Quality Backlinks:

The broken-link building method:

Broken link building is the link building method that is a white-hat link building strategy which gains links by finding broken links, Restore deleted pages and helping webmasters replace these broken links with your Correct source link.

Build Quality Backlinks With Infographics:

A good infographic can enable you to build quality backlinks and upgrade your site’s SEO.

Guest articles:

Guest posting is a magnificent method for communicating with the ideal people for the correct reasons. Its preferences can’t be disregarded by a writer/blogger. It offers budding writers an opportunity to express themselves via guest blogs which otherwise they would not have a chance to do so.

Spy on your competitor’s Backlinks:

Find and spy your competitor’s backlink.

  • Make a list of your competitors.
  • View the number of back links for every competitor
  • Consider the authority of linking sites.